System updates

We are constantly developing Scorion. On this page we will keep you updated on everything that has changed in Scorion.

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Release notes ScorionX

Refactor File management and no more automatic file downloads
With this refactor, you can get a better handle on the file management, the bass files and folders are displayed in one table. In doing so, the alignment is better, making it quieter to work with. The biggest difference is, you can now also see if a file is linked to a form.


Automatically select account when sending a form
It was not always clear who, account or e-mail address, invited the user when sending the form. From this version onwards, a check is performed on the entered e-mail address. If the e-mail address is linked to an account, the account will be automatically selected so that the invitation appears in the reviewer’s task list.


Show group in task list
To provide additional overview within the task list, the Group column can be enabled. This allows you to easily select forms if, for example, you want to review an entire group at once.


Redesign password forgotten mail
If you have forgotten your password, you can request a new one. The mails you receive for this still have the old look and feel. These are now also in the new look and feel and scale well on different devices.

Entire new look and feel
In this version, Scorion has been given a new look and feel to match the new logo and corporate identity. Orange and black out, purple and white in. This makes the environment look calmer for every user.


Improving accessibility
The introduction of the new look and feel enables compliance with the WCAG standard for contrasts. Scorion supports with three different modes, the standard with A, AA and AAA.


Diverse bugfixes
Some bugs have been addressed in this version, otherwise no significant new features have become available.

Viewing tasks
Users who have the task manager feature in addition to a task list have the option to pass tasks to a reviewer of their choice. As of this version, it is possible to view a task before it is passed on. In this way, a quick assessment of the completeness of a task can be made so that a conscious selection can be made of tasks to be forwarded to the appropriate person.

Filter on groups is retained
In User Management it is possible to set filters based on one or more groups. When a screen other than the User Management is visited, for example by joining a user or going to File Management, the set filter is automatically cleared. As of this version, a set filter is retained for the full duration of a session. This means that the filter is automatically cleared only after logging out.

Progress graph for feedback roles expanded
For some forms it is possible to invite multiple reviewers/feedback givers. When it is mandatory to select a feedback role for these reviewers/feedback providers, the progress can also be shown in a graph.

To always show the progress in this progress graph, the option Not yet invited has been added.

Portfolio’s exporteren
Vanuit een admin- en (indien ingesteld) beheer-account is het mogelijk om het portfolio te exporteren van een gebruiker. Vanaf deze versie is het mogelijk om meerdere portfolio’s tegelijk te exporteren.

New progress
When a form of the review type has multiple reviewers, the progress in the left screen is no longer shown by progress icons but by a progress bar.

The same applies to forms of the scan type, where the user’s own progress is also included in the progress bar of the other feedback providers. In addition, the progress colors have partially taken on a new meaning.


Delete empty forms
As a moderator in the Submit module, from this version it is possible to delete empty forms in multiple sets of forms simultaneously.

In the pop-up window a selection can then be made of the forms to be deleted.

In addition, it can be set in the Poweradmin that forms with data may also be deleted.