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Welcome to Scorion! Here, we work hard on the future of education and ensure a pleasant and friendly work environment every day.

Who are we?

We’re a diverse team of bright, quirky, and sociable colleagues who believe that educational technology enhances not just learning, but also our work experience. At Scorion, we face challenges together, brainstorm innovative solutions, and celebrate our successes.

We’re passionate about our work, but we also know how to have fun. Whether it’s enjoying the most exciting team activities in Deventer or hosting our legendary Scorion Christmas party that even Santa Claus envies, we’re all about creating not just educational delights, but also unforgettable memories.

Our corporate culture? It’s all about keeping things simple, fostering open communication, and having plenty of room for humor because, let’s be honest, a good laugh makes everything better.

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Working at Scorion

Discover your opportunity in innovative education at Scorion, where passion for technology and educational innovation come together. Whether you are an experienced professional or at the beginning of your career, Scorion offers a dynamic environment where creativity, collaboration and growth are key. Work on impactful projects, be part of a close-knit team and invest in your personal development.


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Join Scorion for an internship or graduate program and experience a journey of professional development in educational innovation. As a student, immerse yourself in hands-on projects guided by professionals within an innovative learning space. Shape the future of digital education, where creativity and fresh perspectives flourish. Your educational journey begins now!


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Working at Scorion

Discover our vacancies and come work at Scorion! Because here at Scorion, where hard work goes hand in hand with sociability, we build the future of education together and make every working day a party.

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Complete an internship or thesis

We’re seeking interns and graduates to join our development team (front-end & back-end), marketing team, and sales team. Below, you’ll find various internship opportunities and graduation projects. Don’t see a perfect fit? No worries—we’ll collaborate with you to find a suitable assignment.

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What your working day looks like

Each morning, we start with a brief meeting where we share our plans for the day and address any questions. Then, you’ll dive into your project, with plenty of opportunities for brainstorming and teamwork. In the afternoon, you’ll catch up with your supervisor over coffee or tea to discuss your progress and any support you may need. Before the afternoon session, we all gather for a tasty lunch in the cafeteria—no need to bring anything! Thursdays mean delicious paninis, and Fridays are snack days. We wrap up the week with a fun-filled drink and snacks. Sounds like the perfect work week, doesn’t it? We can’t wait to have you join us!


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