How does Scorion guarantee your
privacy and data security?

Your data is yours, and we process and store it as securely as possible. We use the data only for Scorion and nothing more. That is why we have been ISO:27001 and NEN:7510 certified for more than 10 years.

ISO:27001 certification: 
international standard for
information security

Scorion has achieved full ISO:27001 certification, a global standard for information security, ensuring the safety of your data. We have established a robust quality system and consistently work towards enhancing information security. Oversight of these processes is conducted by our Data Protection Officer.

Trust in action:
data processing contracts

We create a processing agreement with each institution, detailing the data we keep and how we use it. As a data processing company, Scorion strictly adheres to these agreements, ensuring confidential and secure handling of your data. We value a systematic approach to maintaining data security.

Other documents for privacy
and security purposes: