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Scorion is a flexible and secure portfolio platform, tailored for modern educational concepts such as Programmatic Assessment. With Scorion, you can provide and receive digital feedback, it integrates learning and assessments and you can track your progress continuously through a personalized dashboard. Scorion supports individualized learning paths, empowering students with significant control over their portfolios. Institutions can customize dashboards, feedback and assessment forms to their specific preferences, bringing their unique educational vision to life. The platform has been successfully used for over a decade in academic, higher education, and professional settings where workplace learning and personal development are crucial.


Programmatic assessment

With Scorion, you can easily capture important learning moments during your education. These moments often involve feedback, which can be provided through written or recorded assignments, or other learning situations. Feedback can be crucial for decision-making or serve as valuable data points. Scorion’s flexibility in feedback and assessment forms makes it suitable for Competency-Based and Programmatic Assessment.The ability to display valuable learning moments as data points in graphs or tables provides an up-to-date picture of a person’s development. As a mentor, supervisor, or student, you always have a clear overview of progress.                                                                                

(Para)medical education

Scorion is widely used in (para)medical education, as well as other modern educational programs where a significant amount of learning takes place in the workplace. Performing operations correctly and practicing extensively is crucial in these fields, combined with receiving direct and valuable feedback from professionals, coaches, or fellow students. Since these learning situations often occur outside the educational institution, it is important that supervisors can easily provide their feedback on a digital platform. Scorion makes it easy for supervisors to provide feedback digitally, using speech-to-text or QR codes. The platform combines various evaluation methods, promotes transparency and traceability, and encourages self-reflection by capturing all feedback as data displayed on a dashboard.

The portfoliotool for holistic education and programmatic assessment

Scorion is widely used by programs incorporating Programmatic Assessment or a holistic educational approach. Scorion is the market leader within (para)medical education in the Netherlands. And it is also used at educational institutions in Germany, South Africa and the United States. Collaborating closely with these universities and colleges, Scorion undergoes continuous development. This involves hosting several Expert meetings annually, both locally and internationally, to discuss preferences and emerging trends, encouraging co-creation for Scorion’s new functionalities.

Scorion captures invaluable learning moments through diverse assessment methods, enabling students to give and receive continuous feedback. These moments of learning can range from more evaluative (summative) to less definitive (formative) in nature. By consolidating these moments, the platform provides a comprehensive overview of the learning journey, offering a holistic perspective on development. This creates a more holistic approach to education by assessing students based on a collection of learning moments and assessments, rather than on a single concluding test.

Seamless alignment with your educational vision 

As more and more study programs evolve, there’s a growing recognition that while initial classroom learning is valuable, students benefit greatly from real practical experiences as they progress. Scorion is an ideal tool for this transition, offering a diverse range of assessment formats. Whether your curriculum is based on skills, learning outcomes, core tasks, or EPAs, Scorion seamlessly adapts. While it provides a standard package, it’s customized to suit the unique content of each program.

This approach also extends to Scorion demos, which are always designed to align with the specific study program. During these demos, we showcase multiple examples of how Scorion can integrate into your curriculum. By customizing demos based on your curriculum, we ensure you gain a clear understanding of how Scorion can bring your educational vision to life.


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A proprietary content management system (CMS)

An unique feature of Scorion is its easy content modification capability, which you can handle independently if desired. Scorion has its own content management system (CMS), allowing seamless customization to align with your curriculum. As study program, you have direct access to this CMS, enabling adjustments easily to forms and dashboards. This level of control empowers your institution or program, saving both time and costs. We offer assistance with initial setup and configuration to establish the foundation. Subsequently, each course can autonomously expand, refine, and scale as needed. Should additional support be required, we’re always available.

Scorion offers training at various levels, ensuring that your institution can effectively manage Scorion and implement adjustments easily.

Professional implementation

When an educational institution adopts Scorion for a study program, we collaborate closely with them to ensure the best fit. Our team of educators and implementation specialists works closely with the program to facilitate a smooth and effective implementation process, following a structured 13-step plan.

On average, an implementation takes between three to six months and often involves educational innovation within the program. Scorion requires more than simply ‘switching on a tool’; it’s a collaborative effort involving teachers, assessors, test developers, supervisors, and the Scorion team.

Due to Scorion’s flexibility and the ease with which courses can make changes, professional management and good structuring during and after implementation are crucial. Our education specialists are committed to continuously supporting and brainstorming with you. We schedule annual meetings with each institution to address any requests or changes and to introduce new Scorion features.

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At the wheel yourself

Educators have full control with the Scorion CMS, empowering them to create forms, dashboards, and reports according to their preferences.


Detailed feedback and dashboards

Scorion displays data points and feedback on various dashboards for a detailed visibility of progress.


Variety of forms

Scorion adapts to the curriculum with more than 25 different testing and feedback processes, ranging from assessments to self-reflections


Recognizable structure 

Scorion aligns with the curriculum structure, ensuring a logical and easily recognizable experience for learners in the digital environment.


Feedback in practice

Workplace supervisors provide feedback easily, minimizing administrative burdens.



Portfolio-like features

Scorion provides traditional functionalities like file sharing, assignment submission, and secure portfolio sharing.


Educational flexibility

Scorion supports various learning formats across academic, higher education, corporate, and institutional settings, including workplace learning.


Device accessibility

Scorion is accessible via a secure cloud environment on laptops, computers, smartphones, and tablets, ensuring anytime, anywhere access

Scorion is constantly evolving

Scorion is continuously innovating and improving. Approximately 12 times a year, we introduce new features, enhancements, or modules. These developments are guided by our annual roadmap, which we collaboratively create with institutions.



New features

With each new Scorion version, we publish Release Notes describing all the new features.



We are constantly exploring ways to enhance navigation and streamline user interaction.



We’re improving Scorion’s security by adding convenient login options like fingerprint or extra authentication. Data security remains a top priority for us at Scorion.

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