Improving education through knowledge

Scorion is the creator and developer of the digital portfolio platform Scorion and the survey tool Easion. Our mission? Improving education by providing more insight, both for learners and tutors. With over 15 years of experience, we are pioneers in measuring and making development visible. Scorion is now the most widely used portfolio in medical and paramedical education.

Mission and vision


At Scorion, education and innovation are at the core of our company culture. Our goal is to make a positive impact both in terms of quality and quantity. Recently, we received encouraging feedback from a dentistry educator who noticed that his students are becoming more competent doctors through the use of Scorion. Another educator shared that they’ve successfully achieved their teaching goals with Scorion. We highly value this feedback and ambitiously aim to provide a “better” education to as many (future) professionals as possible using Scorion in the coming years. Our main focus is making a positive and lasting contribution through improved education.


Scorion stands for high-quality, flexible, and personalized education based on transparent decisions and feedback. This guiding principle is now supported in Germany, the Netherlands, South Africa, and the United States. Scorion is therefore also used in all these countries. In the Netherlands, Scorion is the market leader in medical and health-related programs but is also used in non-medical programs. Furthermore, we focus on the continuous development of Scorion, placing particular emphasis on accessibility, security, and user-friendliness. Our goal is to achieve a positive impact through the use of Scorion, valuing ambitions in sustainability and diversity as integral parts of our organization.


Education, IT and innovation: a special combination

Perhaps it’s the unique blend of software developers and educators that makes Scorion stand out. While we specialize in software development, we’re far from just another IT company. Education is our passion, especially when it comes to innovating within it. And the groundwork for this was laid years ago.

Before then, a portfolio was typically a collection of documents showcasing a student’s work. However, in professions where precision is important (such as medicine), this traditional portfolio model fell short. There arose a pressing need for a portfolio capable of capturing daily work and learning moments.

A significant amount of time, resources, and effort has been invested in IT in education worldwide in recent years. However, one might question whether these investments have resulted in substantial improvements. Around the same time as we recognized a gap in education, Prof. Dr. Cees van der Vleuten initiated pioneering research at Maastricht University Medical Center on Programmatic Assessment in medical education. The concept of using data points to capture a continuous stream of feedback and decision moments aligned perfectly with Scorion’s vision.

Similarly, Prof. Dr. Olle ten Cate embarked on research to enhance the content of medical education. He developed a groundbreaking framework centered on the Entrustable Professional Activity (EPA), forming the basis of a novel method for informed decision-making, particularly within medical professionals or learners. Scorion emerged as an ideal platform to support curriculum and teaching with this concept.

Scorion’s exceptional flexibility enables it to accommodate various educational approaches seamlessly. Whether working with competencies, EPAs, or adopting programmatic assessment, Scorion adapts effortlessly. Moreover, Scorion supports a diverse range of feedback and assessment formats, including 360-degree feedback, self-reflection, and group-oriented processes such as station tests or OSCE.

Unlike traditional portfolios, Scorion prioritizes the individual learning journey. Recognizing that each learner progresses at their own pace, Scorion allows for personalized programs, particularly beneficial for courses emphasizing practice or workplace learning.

Flexibility extends to the feedback process, especially pertinent when learners undertake internships across multiple organizations. Scorion offers ingenious solutions, such as QR code-enabled feedback submission and “push” feedback, streamlining the feedback collection process without burdening supervisors with administrative tasks.

With our sophisticated role and rights system, we ensure that all functions can be customized at an individual level. This allows you to easily manage access to different parts of the portfolio for specific users.

These innovative solutions, along with the expertise of our experienced consultants and specialists, contribute to making Scorion stand out not only as a product but also in terms of its usability and support.

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From vision to leading digital education solutions

It all began under the motto: “If you can dream it, you can create it.”


In 1999, Roel Smabers and Roelf Sluman founded our company - then known as Parantion - shortly before the first "Internet bubble" burst. Roelf, an author and internet expert, and Roel, an organizer with a focus on human development, shared a passion for innovation. They recognized new possibilities in the emerging internet that had not existed before.

2003 – 2004

The consequences of the burst internet bubble were challenging, but Parantion continued its path, driven by the belief that data could provide insights into behavior and personal development.


From 2005, the company began to grow, welcoming new team members. In 2006, Bas Aalpoel and Robert Smeenk joined, laying the foundation for the Scorion portfolio platform with Roel. Many terms were still unfamiliar at that time, but despite this, Scorion evolved into a leading platform for educational institutions and companies from 2006 onwards. Today, Parantion is a significant player in digital portfolios in medical education in the Netherlands. Scorion is used in numerous medical and health-related study programs. It has also proven its value in non-medical programs with a practical orientation, such as primary school education, engineering, and IT.


For several years now, Scorion has been used internationally, particularly in Germany, South Africa, and the USA. We support educational institutions worldwide with various forms of education. Our company name was changed to Scorion to align with our main product. Currently, about 40 colleagues work at Scorion, and we are proud to operate in so many countries around the world. Our core values ​​remain a passion for human development, innovation and technology, and the use of data as a basis for decision-making.