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Scorion is all about improving education and professional growth. Find out how our digital portfolio platform brings your educational vision to life. With Scorion, assessments become learning experiences, and teaching becomes part of workplace learning. Our platform, based on your curriculum and a real-time dashboard, is the future of learning.


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Why Scorion?

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Scorion is a flexible digital portfolio platform widely used in (para)medical education. It captures valuable learning moments and offers many feedback options. Regardless of your curriculum design, from competencies to EPAs, Scorion adopts smoothly. In Scorion, learning, feedback and testing, including Programmatic Assessment, are fully integrated. This makes the portfolio platform a dynamic tool that provides a realistic and up-to-date picture of your personal development.


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Discover how Scorion provides customized solutions

We present interesting use cases that show how Scorion adds value and provides solutions that meet the unique needs of a wide range of educational organisations. Learn how Scorion has contributed to the success of others and be inspired by the opportunities Scorion offers.


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