End-user License Agreement Scorion

On behalf of end users who use the software services of Parantion Groep B.V., including Scorion, Easion and Groeidocument (‘Rightholder’), whereby the user has permission for the use from the institution that has provided access to the software service (‘End User’).

This EULA contains the conditions for the End User’s use of the Product, which the End User obtained from the institution with which the End User is affiliated or studies (‘Institution’). The Product consists of computer software and related carriers and printed documentation, and may include online or electronic documentation. By installing, copying, logging into or otherwise using the Product, the End User accepts the provisions of this EULA. 

Right of use

The Institution has acquired rights of use from the Rightholder for its End Users for the duration of the license agreement between the Institution and Rightholder. The End User has therefore not acquired any independent right of use under this EULA. 


The End User may only use the Product if such use arises from an instruction from the Institution and/or takes place in the interest of the Institution’s education and/or research. The use of the Product may never be commercial in nature.  


The Product may only be used for the purpose as described above. Misuse means anything that is not in accordance with this. Explicit misuse is defined as: violation, when using the Product, of any statutory provisions regarding privacy, and provisions under the Telecommunications Act or other relevant legislation. Misuse also means the deliberate entry of information, data or other characters into the Product or the entry of said information, data or characters, of which it may be suspected that they could be detrimental to the Product, the handling of the data or the functioning of the Product. Misuse is considered computer hacking and is subject to criminal penalties. 

Rental and transfer

The End User may not lend or rent out the Product, provide the log-in codes to a third party or allow a third party to access the Product in any other way.  

Intellectual property rights

All intellectual property rights to the Product including, but not limited to, all images, photographs, animations, video, sound, music, text, plug-ins, and apps incorporated in the Product, the accompanying documentation, and all copies of the Product are vested solely in Rightholder. 


The End User is not authorised to copy and/or otherwise reproduce the Product.  

Support and user rights

Support for the Product will be offered to End Users by the Institution and not by the Rightholder. 


The Rightholder and the Institution have entered into a processing agreement regarding the processing of End User’s personal data within the meaning of the GDPR.  In order to implement the agreement between Rightholder and the Institution, the Institution will administer this EULA and your associated personal data in a file to be created by the Institution for that purpose. By agreeing to this EULA, the End User also agrees that the aforementioned file may be shared with the Rightholder or with third parties designated by the Rightholder if the Rightholder considers this necessary in connection with the enforcement of its rights. 

Limitation of warranty and liability

The Rightholder offers no guarantee to End User regarding the marketability or suitability of the Product for a particular application. The Rightholder will not be liable on any grounds whatsoever towards the End User for any form of damage including, but not limited to, loss of profits or information, business interruption or other financial loss.