From 2005, the company began to grow, welcoming new team members. In 2006, Bas Aalpoel and Robert Smeenk joined, laying the foundation for the Scorion portfolio platform with Roel. Many terms were still unfamiliar at that time, but despite this, Scorion evolved into a leading platform for educational institutions and companies from 2006 onwards. Today, […]


For several years now, Scorion has been used internationally, particularly in Germany, South Africa, and the USA. We support educational institutions worldwide with various forms of education. Our company name was changed to Scorion to align with our main product. Currently, about 40 colleagues work at Scorion, and we are proud to operate in so […]

2003 – 2004

The consequences of the burst internet bubble were challenging, but Parantion continued its path, driven by the belief that data could provide insights into behavior and personal development.


In 1999, Roel Smabers and Roelf Sluman founded our company – then known as Parantion – shortly before the first “Internet bubble” burst. Roelf, an author and internet expert, and Roel, an organizer with a focus on human development, shared a passion for innovation. They recognized new possibilities in the emerging internet that had not […]