Release notes Scorion3

Release notes Scorion3

What has all changed in Scorion?

Every three weeks there is an update of Scorion, Easion and Groeidocument. Use the button below to see when the release notes will be published. Going live follows in the following weeks, the date is always added.

Below you will find the release notes of previous versions of Scorion3.

Release Note version 3.134

Release date: 15-05-2023

3.134.01 Date time setting at organization level
It becomes possible for international customers to set the display of dates and time in the format requested for them. In this sprint, the organization-level setting was created. In the coming sprints, this setting will be implemented in all relevant places in phases.

3.134.02 Reporting on a rubric questionnaire.
There is a new reporting element that allows the questionnaire to also be done in rubric view.

3.134.03 Flexible workflow.
Flexible workflow options have been expanded:
Now the owner of a scan form can be invited without a feedback type. The invite can be combined under a button that jumps the filler out of the form. Therefore, only one action is needed from the user to invite the next filler and get the progress ready himself. Finally, it is possible to specify an alternative invitation or reminder text for the button, so that the text can vary according to the role of the filler in the process.

3.134.04 Flexible workflow.
Be able to use a value-node in a loop-subject element in a group feedback questionnaire.
This allows personal feedback questions (from a field) to be displayed and stored in the questionnaire.

3.134.05 miscellaneous bug fixes

  • Comments in reports containing [] are loaded correctly again
  • Status when creating a user via a custom portal
  • Display of multiple questions in read-only mode if exclusions are specified
  • Various updates to import and export workers

Release Note version 3.133

Release date: 20-3-2023

3.133.01 Be able to use value node in a loop subjects
A value node can now be used in a loop subjects.
For example, in the group feedback module, a personal feedback question from a field can be stored in an item at the form.

3.133.02 Test mode for mail on trigger
The external action mail on trigger allows an email to be sent to a user based on a calculation (the trigger). A test mode has now been added to this action. The job can then be executed without sending the email the target field that ensures that an email can only be sent once is not set. Instead there will be a txt file with the data of the users for whom a mail would be sent. This way testing can be done before the emails are sent.

3.133.03 External action delete data on trigger.
For privacy reasons, it may be desirable to delete data on one or more items when it is no longer relevant to the guidance or assessment. An external scheduled action has been developed for this purpose.
In this job, the admin specifies for which forms the specified items are to be deleted.
Data is deleted based on a trigger. This can be a number of days after closing the form or a number of days after closing the parent form group. In the latter case, responses to items from open forms are also deleted.

3.133.04 miscellaneous bug fixes

  • Visibility of form fields in the data manager
  • Conditional formatting at value 0 ColumnTotal
  • Trim spaces from values during an import

Release Note version 3.131

Release date: 2-11-2022

3.131.01 Be able to use brace text in a LoopSubjects

For group assessments, questions can be asked for each member of the group using a LoopSubjects element. Now it is possible to display the subject’s field data using regular brace text. A brace text within the LoopSubject then does not show the data of the logged-in user but of the subject within the loop.

3.131.02 Dashboard navigation as drop down menu

An additional attribute in the document node allows the navigation at the bottom of a dashboard to be displayed as a drop down menu.

3.131.03 Bug-fixes

Refresh button on dashboards: The refresh button on dashboards did not give feedback to the user that the dashboard is reloaded.

Date sorting: The date sorting of CustomTables in a grid view also works again on continuation pages of the dashboard.

Release Note version 3.130

Release date: 24-10-2022

3.130.01 Use version field when retrieving data 

Scorion keeps track of the history of data. A response to a variable can have multiple version. For example, consider frm_last_page. When retrieving data, the latest version is now retrieved more efficiently.

3.130.02 Bug-fixes 

Copy button: make it work in combination with mandatory questions on the same page 

External action:mail on trigger: – don’t include admin and don’t include deleted forms.

Release Note version 3.129

Release date: Available no later than 6 October 2022

3.129.01 Build cache when a form is closed

Dashboards can be displayed with cached data. With this new job, the cache file is automatically updated when one of the forms on the dashboard is closed. A dashboard is then refreshed only if the underlying data has changed. The refresh happens periodically.

3.129.02 Sending mail on behalf of own domains with DKIM and DMARC security

E-mail sent from our tools from our product domains are now signed with SPF, DKIM and DMARC by default. This ensures delivery.

The following domains are involved:                                                                    

Release Note version 3.128

Release date: 21 September 2022

3.128.01 Form fields of the form group in the data manager visible at form level 

Form fields can have a value at two levels: 

  1. On the form group 
  2. On the form 

In the data manager, by default, you see the value at the level where this value is given.

With a new admin+ setting: ‘Data manager show form field data of parent form groups’, the values of the parent form group can now also be shown on the form level.

Each form field then appears twice. Once for the form and once for the form group. This column has also been given a prefix for the label ‘Form group:’

3.128.02 Have dashboards show data from a period 

An additional XML attribute in the document node can be used to display data from a specific period. There are two options for this:
DataPastDays with a positive integer 

DataAfterDate with a date in d-m-yyyy 

The dashboard then only shows data from:
Open forms

Forms with a frm_date_end after the specified date or within the specified number of days. 

3.128.03 Entered answers and completed form viewable per template  

For score templates, there was already the possibility to set at template level when the completed form or the overview of completed answers may be viewed. This template setting is given the default value ‘no’ for the scan module. This means scans cannot be viewed by default.