The Rise of Programmatic Assessment: A Holistic Approach to Education Evaluation

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In Surf’s (a Dutch ICT cooperative for education and research) recent trend report, “Future Perspectives on Digital Assessment and Evaluation,” attention is drawn to an emerging trend in education: programmatic assessment. This approach, increasingly considered by educational institutions, emphasizes a holistic view of assessment. In this blog article, we delve deeper into this development and share inspiring examples of educational institutions that have been using Scorion, our portfolio platform supporting this vision, for years.

A Programmatic Vision of Assessment
Traditionally, assessments have primarily been snapshots to measure students’ knowledge. However, more and more educational institutions are realizing that the complex skills and competencies students develop throughout their education and need in the job market cannot be captured in a single assessment. They require a broader perspective. Programmatic assessment treats assessments as part of the student’s learning process, using them to guide, motivate, and substantiate decisions regarding progress.

The Role of Scorion
Since 2007, Scorion has closely collaborated with educational institutions that embrace this programmatic approach to assessment. Let’s explore some inspiring examples:

Spatial Planning and Construction, Saxion University of Applied Sciences (2008)
Scorion was introduced at Saxion University of Applied Sciences in 2008 to visualize both course progress and students’ competency development. Formative and summative assessments were presented in a clear and concise manner.

Medicine Bachelor, University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG) (2014)
UMCG implemented Scorion in 2014 for its Medicine Bachelor program. Students engaged in learning tasks as low-stakes feedback moments, while progress based on CanMeds competencies was made visible.

Dentistry Master, Academic Centre for Dentistry Amsterdam (ACTA) (2021)
In collaboration with ACTA, Scorion implemented a programmatic assessment approach for the Dentistry Master program in 2021, using Entrustable Professional Activities (EPAs). This allowed Dentistry students to track their development on 14 EPAs in real-time.

The Impact of Programmatic Assessment
The use of Scorion is steadily growing, with tens of thousands of students now using this portfolio platform daily for their education. This growing group of educational institutions often embraces a holistic vision of assessment, considering assessments as an integral part of the educational process. Surf identifies this approach to assessment as one of the future perspectives on digital assessment for 2027.

Programmatic assessment is an emerging trend in education, as educational institutions embrace a holistic approach to assessment. Scorion serves as an portfolio platform for tens of thousands of students, and Surf recognizes programmatic assessment as a future perspective for digital assessment in 2027. This development marks a shift toward integrating assessments into the learning process, with a focus on broader skills and competencies. We are delighted to be part of this positive change!

Want to learn more?
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Interested in reading Surf’s (Dutch) trend report for yourself? You can find it here!

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