Faces behind Scorion: Randy Groot Roessink

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My name is Randy Groot Roessink, I am 24 years old and from Raalte. I just graduated from the Software Engineering study at Windesheim and I have been working in the Development team at Parantion since six months. Or actually I have been working here a little longer than that, because I also did my graduation project here. Parantion is a nice and fun company to gain experience and expertise.

Outside of work hours, I like to read, go for a run and enjoy cooking. I am also very interested in history and curious about what life was like in the past. So occasionally I come to work in a Scottish Kilt.

The most enjoyable part of my job is….
…seeing from both the front-end side, on which I work, and from the back-end side, how software is looked at and what needs to be done in it: one is focused on quality and support, responding to what is modern now and especially what the user wants. The other is focused on the challenges, where there are no solutions.

What I like most about working at Parantion is.
…That I can combine my technical knowledge and passion for education. I myself was a student council member at Landstede, where we had a focus on person-centered education. At Parantion, I also see that personal focus: Parantion is a modern company where policy choices are really looked at together, for example. But I also see it in the fact that colleagues regularly go out for drinks together or on winter sports. Here colleagues are aware of the well-being and commitment of other colleagues. A lot of attention is paid to that.

What changes or innovations are you most excited about?
I do get excited about the changes within Scorion, the company is growing and that includes the necessary changes that can be both positive and negative. I see this in changes for the front-end department. Like the deepening of expertise in software components by using sub-teams. As in the search for a designer. Because of this, I expect that we will have a broader pallet to shape ScorionX qualitatively even better for the ever-growing group of users.

What do you hope for the future?
Parantion is growing and there are several developments and changes to come. I hope I get to work here for a while longer to experience them. I would love to be able to do my part in the functionality, but especially in the social aspect of Scorion.

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