Faces behind Scorion: Marlijn Vrielink

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Let me introduce myself
I’m Marlijn Vrielink, 29 years old. Besides my work at Parantion, I enjoy cooking, playing paddle with friends, and spending quality time with family.

Within Parantion, I am an educational consultant. When educational institutions decide to work with Scorion, I come into play. My role is to understand and translate customer needs into Scorion. This involves discussing their educational processes, required forms, dashboard setups, and more. With my colleagues, we create a plan to ensure Scorion aligns with their ideas.

The best part of my role is…
The diversity. Collaborating with individuals from different educational backgrounds brings unique perspectives. Whether it’s client coordination, planning, or building dashboards with colleagues, I love the variety. Creating something used by institutions, students, and mentors adds joy to my work!

What I love about working at Parantion is…
Being part of a relatively small company fosters close connections with colleagues. We share not only professional moments but also informal ones, like lunch or drinks. The combination of a genuine team, continuous self-development opportunities, and challenging work makes Parantion an enjoyable workplace.

Regarding changes or innovations I’m most excited about
The approach of working in project teams. It enhances project overview, brings us closer, shortens communication lines, and improves collaboration. This change has fostered more unity and alignment among us, and I’m delighted with its outcome.

Hopes for the future…
I hope Parantion and Scorion continue growing, both in size and expertise. We aim to contribute to educational innovation and enable more flexible learning for students. With Scorion, I aspire to help realize the beautiful educational plans in existence and make our portfolio platform an essential tool in education.

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