Faces behind Scorion: Marie Buescher

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Allow me to introduce myself…
My name is Marie Buescher, and I have been working at Parantion for four years now. I am originally from Germany but came to the Netherlands for my final internship. During my research, I explored the possibilities of a portfolio platform like Scorion in Germany. Through this research, I discovered that Germany is indeed an innovative country, with many people working to change and improve traditional education. That’s why I decided to stay in the Netherlands.

When I’m not working, you’ll likely find me on my racing bike, going out with friends, or taking a walk along the IJssel river with my partner, Michel. I also love traveling to explore different countries and cultures.

The best part of my job is…
…being in contact with various cultures and people, which often takes me abroad. I believe that we can learn a lot from each other internationally, especially in the field of education. It’s fascinating to see how education is structured in other countries and what they are working on.

For me, the trip to South Africa in 2022 was a real highlight. I had the opportunity to organize two conferences there with my colleagues, one in Johannesburg and one in Cape Town.

The best thing about working at Parantion is…
…that the company creates conditions that allow us as employees to contribute to the company while still following our own personal and self-determined paths. I find that very special.

When I first came to the Netherlands, it was a bit daunting to join a Dutch company. Fortunately, Parantion is a very social company where everything is open for discussion, and many things are possible. Colleagues look out for each other, we do a lot of fun activities together, and I feel that our work is highly valued by the management. That’s why everyone always does their best.

What changes or innovations are you most excited about?
I am particularly excited about the increasing demand for Scorion from countries all over the world. It gives me the feeling that many educational institutions are grappling with the question of how to sustainably improve education.

I also see this internationalization reflected in our office. We regularly have international interns, and every Tuesday, our colleague Jacqueline makes delicious quesadillas for us.

Furthermore, I am very happy with our new building in the Havenkwartier in Deventer. As we continue to grow, we need more space, and it’s exciting to witness that growth.

During the COVID-19 period, we worked from home a lot. Now, we have a hybrid model where we work half from home and half from the office. For many of us, this is a great way to combine the practical aspects of working from home with the social (and culinary 😉) aspects of being in the office.

What do you hope for the future?
I hope that working at Parantion remains as enjoyable as it is now and that we can spread the message we want to convey with Scorion to many more countries and people. It would be fantastic if my work could contribute to better education worldwide.

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