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Arrianne Nagel works at the UMC Utrecht Academy as senior policy officer and is a key-user of Scorion. In 2017 Arrianne was involved in the pilot to implement Scorion and later on also to roll out Scorion to all nursing continuation courses and medical support courses. Arrianne is the link between functional management and fellow educators. At the moment Arrianne is the project manager, together with Wilma Kleijer, to implement Scorion for the EPA based education. Wilma is senior educator of the cluster Intensive Care. This includes all mother-child educations and the long term care programs like Oncology and Neurology. Just like Arrianne, Wilma has also been involved in the implementation of Scorion from the start.

What was the reason you started with Scorion and why?
In 2017 we were working on how we could make our paper portfolio digital, as we had huge folders of paper. Within UMC Utrecht, Scorion was already being used by the medicine educational programme. At the time, we checked whether Scorion was compatible with the functionalities we needed to digitalize the paper portfolio. That is why we started a pilot for two educations, paediatric oncology nurse practitioner and the professional preparation period of surgery assistants/medical nurse anaesthetists. We also looked at other possible providers of portfolios, but these did not meet our requirements. Because we were well informed, the good experiences of the medicine educational programme, the good pilot that we ran and the possibilities that Scorion has (and increasingly has), we decided to continue with the Scorion e-portfolio.

How did you implement Scorion?
Within the educations we provide, practical learning is separated from theoretical learning. Practical learning is the responsibility of the practice, but our clients like to think about the design of the portfolio together with other clients and with us as a educational institute. What should it look like? And how do we offer that in Scorion? We facilitate that and then the portfolio is really used in practice. The trainers of the UMC Utrecht Academy only have a limited role in this. It is really about facilitating learning in practice, where the student can invite someone for an assessment, get feedback on it, that you can keep everything together in a system and then have the progress and development visible in a dashboard. The entire development of a student is recorded in a portfolio by means of various test instruments and then the progress and development is shown in the dashboard.

What people (in practice) had to get used to is the transition from a paper to a digital portfolio. That did require a different way of working. The student is the owner of the portfolio and takes initiative to ask for assessment, feedback, tests, etc. This is a different approach and requires different skills in practice that really had to sink in. Furthermore, Scorion works well and Scorion X made things much more intuitive.

Do you have any wishes for the future with regard to Scorion?
We would like the export functionality to be available for students. Then students can generate a pdf faster. Parantion always thinks along with us and that is very pleasant.

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