Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences-Ergotherapy: looking at more quality of file and growth of student

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Who are you and what do you do in education?
My name is Sofie Zonneveld and I am a teacher in the Occupational Therapy program at the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences. Before this I worked as an occupational therapist for 12 years. We started implementing Scorion almost 3 years ago. We were introduced to Scorion then by giving students feedback through Scorion. It turned out that I was quite handy with digital skills, which is why I am the key-user within the program together with a colleague. My colleague and I also take care of some of the administration and communication with Parantion.

How did you orient yourself on the Scorion product, did you also look at other products you could use?
The most important thing was the conference Festival Leren van Toetsen where Scorion was present as a platform. But we also heard positive things about Scorion through others. Furthermore, it had to be easy to use and students had to be in the lead. Scorion is the only e-portfolio platform that can offer all this.

How is Scorion applied at your school?
The Occupational Therapy program works with programmatic assessment and learning outcomes have been formulated for different learning years, to which data points are linked. These are derived from the national occupational therapy competencies. Students send forms to the teacher, fellow students or someone in the field to request feedback on the various data points. The feedback giver can then indicate a level. Each data point is structured into different levels from red to dark green. In the Netherlands, within occupational therapy, we also have professional competencies. In year 3 and 4, students work primarily in practice. Internship supervisors and occupational therapy teachers are then important feedback givers.

What is the main result you have achieved with Scorion?
When we started revising the curriculum, we didn’t yet use Scorion. So students had to ask for feedback on paper. Piles of paper went through. It was quite a lot of administration, both for student and teacher, to make sure all the papers were kept organized and returned to the right person. This involved extra time and work. The Scorion e-portfolio saves a huge amount of work, time and paperwork, and in the past, when it came to the validation test, we had to actually calculate grades by hand. Now this calculation is done by Scorion and that is very nice for both student and teacher. You can now look much more at the quality of the file and the growth the student has made.

How do you like using Scorion?
The students who still experienced the paper version really see the difference and that it also saves a lot of time and work for the students and teachers. We think that is important.

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