Digital EPA-portfolio Medicine

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During the internship, students gather feedback from observations and case discussions and students work towards obtaining EPA certificates of competences to complete their education.

During the Medicine programme at the University Medical Centre Utrecht, students start their internships at the third academic year of their Bachelor. The internships are integrated in so-called LINKs to test longitudinally. Several EPAs (Entrustable Professional Activities) are being developed within one internship. An EPA is a task or activity that can be entrusted as soon as (and for as long as) a student is sufficiently competent. An EPA is tested by means of low-stake (observations and case discussions) and high-stake (explanation of competence) assessments.

All feedback and assessments are digitally recorded in the Scorion platform. The student and supervisor have a dashboards to monitor the EPA development. With hundreds of logins per day and more than 130,000 assessment forms in less than 3 years of study, Scorion is the platform for testing EPAs in this Medicine programme.